Seminar 2

Collective Worship - Opportunities and Challenges


University of Strathcylde

Spring 2015


The Network’s second seminar built on the issues identified in Seminar 1 and explored a range of areas central to evaluating the role of collective worship and religious observance in schools.


Papers were presented on the following topics:


  • Children’s autonomy and collective worship
  • The contribution of collective worship/religious observance to spiritual development
  • Collective worship and yheology: issues and questions
  • Philosophy with Children: an approach to religious observance
  • The law on collective school worship: a twentieth century instrument of state survival
  • Human rights aspects of collective worship or religious observance in schools
  • Collective school worship: beyond obituary


Final versions of the papers will be published in an edited collection in 2016/17.


Paper abstracts may be viewed here.

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