The Network is managed by Dr Alison Mawhinney (Bangor University) and Professor Peter Cumper (University of Leicester). They are assisted by a Steering Group made up of Dr Claire Cassidy and Dr Norman Richardson. In March 2014 the Steering Group met in Belfast to finalise the activities of the Network.


Network members

  1. Claire Cassidy (Strathclyde University, Education/Philosophy)
  2. Peter Cumper (University of Leicester, Public Law/Minority Rights)
  3. Aideen Hunter (University of Ulster, Education)
  4. Julia Ipgrave (University of Warwick, Education/Religious Diversity)
  5. Alison Mawhinney (Bangor University, Human Rights Law/Devolution)
  6. Frankie McCarthy (University of Glasgow, Equality/Family Law)
  7. Farid Panjwani (University of London, Philosophy of Education/Social Cohesion)
  8. Norman Richardson (Stranmillis College Belfast, Education/Religious Studies)
  9. Ann Sherlock (Aberwystwyth University, Education Law/Children’s Rights)
  10. Jackie Watson (University of East Anglia, Education/Spiritual Development

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